Private Lessons

Teens are an exciting group to work with. They have so much energy, are so involved in their lives, and have the capacity for greater focus and learning. This is why we recommend at least 45 minute lessons for younger teens, and 1 hour lessons for anyone over 14. The warm-up time required for students at this age, coupled with their ability to pay attention longer, makes those time periods ideal for teaching.

Teens do very well in private lessons, as do all students. The increased focus on them helps them progress more quickly and effectively. However, due to the social nature of teens, they also do well supplementing their private lessons with a group class, such as a choral singing group, or an ensemble instrument group, or even group art lessons.

Teen are often well into their music or art education, but even the newest beginner will find a place in our school. The breadth of experience our teachers have make them perfect for working with experienced students, as well as with brand new students, regardless of age.

And sometimes a group class is just what a teen student needs to help them develop more social skills, as well as music or art skills. The interaction with others in a creative and focused environment, is great for the teen psyche, and helps them develop personally, as well as musically or artistically.

The teen years are often when a child wants to quit taking lessons, but it's also the most important time NOT to quit. No adult has ever said they were glad they quit lessons, and our teachers are very good at keeping your teen interested, engaged, and busy learning.