Private Lessons

Private lessons are one-on-one individual lessons with one student and one instructor. These are by far our most effective and efficient classes, as the teacher's time is dedicated to just the one student, maximizing their potential for instruction and learning. This is the best class for most students.

The teacher will guide the student from level to level of proficiency as they progess in their abilities. From the youngest beginner to the most experienced musician, there is always room to learn, practice, and perfect something new. This principle applies whether for musical instruments, voice, or art instruction. By building on basic principles, we create more complete and capable students.

Most students will have the opportunity to perform at our quarterly recitals. These recitals give students a chance to showcase what they've been learning and build confidence in their ability to perform in front of people. Performances will be evaluated by our instructors to qualify students for participation in our annual recital. Certificates are awarded to students who participate in the quarterly recitals.

Students who rank highest in our quarterly recitals will be invited to perform at our annual recital, a much more formal event. This recital will take place at a larger venue, where all students, teachers, and parents can come together to see the best of the best. It is truly an honor to get invited to perform for this recital. Awards will be presented to students performing at this recital, and the highest ranking performers in each category will have their names listed on the wall of our building for all to see until the next annual recital.

One of the most exciting and unique things about our school is that student performances will be recorded at least once a year. This could take place at a recital or during a lesson. Our managing director is also a recording engineer with a professional studio and professional equipment, and will be using that equipment to record students to archive their progress. Think how great it will be to be able to listen to your students progress from year to year on a CD or via mp3. No other school that we know of offers this service.