Our kids classes are designed especially for our younger students, ages 5 - 10. We know that children at this time of their life have shorter attention spans, less structure, nd actually have the ability to learn more quickly than their older counterparts!

The teachers who work with our youngest students are especially good at working with this age group. They are patient, gentle, and know how to communicate with children. They are also able to manage groups of children, for those who are in a group class.

Some of our youngest students do take private lessons. This is especially true for art and instrumental music. We do not encourage students under the age of 11 to take voice lessons, but do make exceptions in rare cases if the student's physical development supports training at such a young age. We also use shorter class times for private lessons for this age group, typically 1/2 hour lessons.

Children who start music lessons young have life-long advantages over those who don't. We encourage ALL children to take instrumental music as a foundation for the rest of their lives. The concepts learned in these early years prepare children for bigger and better things as they get older, and gives them a great head start towards learning multiple instruments or disciplines.

We also find that children do especially well in art programs, even better than adults, because they typically aren't yet restricted by things that hinder adult creativity. They are willing to explore, make mistakes, try new things... All the things that foster creativity. So we highly recommend getting your children into art, as well as music, whenever possible.